Reshape your body after weight-loss surgery

Bariatric or weight-loss surgery can transform bodies and lives. Sometimes, however, these changes come with unattractive consequences. For many people, the resulting weight loss leaves behind loose, sagging skin in the stomach, chest, arms, back and thighs.

Reshape your body after weight-loss surgeryAt the Cosmetic Surgery Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center, we offer a variety of plastic surgery options to smooth and tighten skin after dramatic weight loss or bariatric weight-loss surgery. These include:

  • Removal of excess fat, or panniculectomy
  • Breast lifts, or mastopexy
  • Arm lifts, or brachioplasty
  • Thigh and buttocks lifts, or thighplasty

UMass Memorial Medical Center offers bariatric surgery to qualified candidates.

Smoother abs and a healthier lifestyle
Panniculectomy, or removal of excess hanging fat and skin, differs from a tummy tuck procedure because it does not tighten or strengthen the abdominal wall. Instead, panniculectomy focuses solely on the pannus, which is the fat and skin that hangs from the lower abdomen that is left behind after a massive weight loss. It is sometimes performed in conjunction with other abdominal surgeries, such as a hernia repair or hysterectomy.*

Many panniculectomy patients have had a major weight loss that resulted in excess hanging fat over the hips and around the back. Some have excess fat that extends as low as their knees. This kind of excess fat can cause back problems, rashes and other skin issues and can also interfere with walking, sitting or standing.

After the excess fat is removed, our patients not only look better, they feel better too!

A boost for sagging breasts
Women may also choose to receive a breast lift, or mastopexy. The breasts sometimes look deflated after a massive weight loss. This procedure raises and firms each breast by removing excess skin, then uses the patient’s own fat to create a fuller look. If desired, the areola can also be resized.

A fix for flabby arms and thighs
An arm lift, called brachioplasty, can reduce excess skin from the underarm to the elbow and removes localized pockets of fat. Thighplasty works in a similar way to reduce excess skin and fat from the lower body.

Results to last a lifetime
While many patients choose more than one option, UMass Memorial cosmetic surgeons prefer to complete only one procedure at a time. This minimizes risk and enhances the end result, so you get a great look to last your entire lifetime. Our cosmetic surgeons always meet with you first for a thorough consultation and examination.

UMass Memorial Medical Center is the teaching hospital of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where all of our plastic surgeons are members of the faculty. This partnership ensures that our staff is up to date on all the latest techniques and technology. A team of experienced anesthesiologists and nurses supports our cosmetic surgeons.

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When panniculectomy is performed for a medical reason, the cost may be covered by health insurance. The cosmetic surgery staff at UMass Memorial Medical Center can work with you to answer your questions about insurance coverage.