Don’t Hide Your Ears Any Longer – Otoplasty Can Help

Traditionally known as a surgery to correct protruding ears of children, otoplasty has been growing in popularity with adults to correct many cosmetic issues. This surgery is designed to flatten the outer ears. Otoplasty also aesthetically improves the position, proportion, and shape of the ear. Otoplasty Benefits The surgeons at UMass only use sophisticated technology […]

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Rejuvenate Your Facial Features with UMass Preferred Fillers

Facial fillers are the cosmetic answer to reducing the early signs of aging. Injectable facial fillers restore facial fulness, refine natural contours of the face, and smooth out creases and fine lines. The Cosmetic Surgery Center at UMass Memorial Health recommends FDA-approved Radiesse or Restylane injectable facial fillers. UMass Preferred Facial Fillers Restoring a more […]

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Defy Natural Aging with a Brow/Forehead Lift

When facial features look tired and constricted due to natural aging signs, a brow/forehead lift can open it up for a well-rested, refreshed debut. Facial skin laxity and wrinkles are due to the natural degradation of elastic collagen. The force of gravity inevitably pulls the forehead and facial skin downward, leading to a distressed or […]

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Feel the Love With a Neck Lift

An aging neck can be the first sign of losing your youthful look. The platysma muscle covering the neck and jaw naturally loosens with age, giving the dreaded turkey neck appearance. This is when the neck skin hangs down and sways. Regardless of how bad a turkey neck looks – the feeling of this loose and drooping […]

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Liposuction Can Beat the Fat That Won’t Go Away

There are times when, no matter how much we diet and exercise, stubborn fat just won’t go away. Do not distress, liposuction offered by any one of the six skilled, board-certified UMass Memorial cosmetic surgeons can help. At UMass, we use the latest liposuction equipment – including laser and power-assisted – to remove unwanted fat […]

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Wake up tired eyes with eyelid surgery

If your eyes make you look more tired than you are, or even angry, then it may be time to talk about what can be done to give your face a more youthful, regenerated appearance. Eyelid surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Here are some things you […]

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How Long Will I Need To Recover After a Breast Lift?

Recovering from a breast lift is a relatively short and straightforward process. Remember that you can always reach out to the board-certified plastic surgeons at UMass Memorial Medical Group if you have any questions about what to expect from your breast lift recovery timeline.  Some patients experience as few as five days of downtime after breast lift surgery. However, […]

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