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Healthy Aging


Those lazy, hazy days of summer will soon be fond memories. The leaves are beginning to change, there is a crispness to the morning air and the kids are off to school. It’s a time for reflection and change. So, it’s perfect that September is Healthy Aging Month! Aging is natural but we don’t have […]

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Smiling and Frowning and Wrinkles, oh my!

Getting older…we all are. It’s impossible to halt Father Time’s relentless march. But you don’t have to give in to it…even if you are a man or woman of “a certain age.” Your body is amazing and resilient and so is your skin, but you have to care for your skin, just like you have […]

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While most people have heard of or have used Botox, many don’t know much about it and how it works.  Here are a few interesting facts about the most popular aesthetic cosmetic procedure in the world: The FDA approved Botox for eye spasms in 1989 and in 2002, approved it for creases, frown lines and […]

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