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doctor choosing mammary prosthesis with her patient

More About Ideal Implants

At UMass Memorial Medical Group, first and foremost, we want our patients to be comfortable with the decisions they are making about their bodies and potential cosmetic surgery. As discussed in December’s third blog, some patients have mixed feelings about silicone breast implants because they can rupture without the woman knowing, a phenomenon known as […]

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Cropped half-turned closeup photo woman's breast dressed in white bra

Have You Heard of Ideal Implants?

Many women considering breast augmentation feel as if they have an unwelcome decision to make when choosing the type of breast implants for their augmentation. They’ve heard that the feel of silicone implants is more akin to that of natural breast tissue, but they worry about silent rupture. When a silicone implant ruptures, there is […]

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plastic surgeon touching face of attractive woman with marked face

Let’s Debunk a Few Myths about Plastic Surgery

Mythology is nice…when you’re reading it in high school. Zeus. Prometheus. Hera. It’s all great. But when it comes to plastic surgery, there is no room for myth. Why? It gives people false expectations or gives them the wrong impression about a certain procedure. Even the term “plastic” in plastic surgery is misunderstood. People think […]

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smiling woman 35 year plus clean fresh face

Fill Out the Holidays

Over the holidays, things can be too full. Take your stomach after Thanksgiving dinner. Or your house with the assortment of guests. And your to-do list at this time of year can seem to be overflowing. One area that you could wish was a little more full, however, is your lower face. This is especially […]

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