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Thinking About Breast Reduction Surgery?

Small-breasted women may desire larger breasts, but some of their friends who are overly-endowed would gladly trade places with them. Heavy, pendulous breasts can be a burden for the body and back. They may also make some women very self-conscious. A good first step is reaching a healthy weight, since losing weight can reduce the […]

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Does Your Septum Deviate?

What is a “Deviated Nasal Septum”? If you are a part of the approximately 80% of the population who has one you know exactly what it is. Your septum separates the left and right sides of your nose, dividing your nostrils into two airways. When your septum is deviated, crooked, or off-center, it can cause […]

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A Quick Guide To Gynecomastia

Many women desire larger breasts, there is no denying that. However, men who are dealing with man boobs, or gynecomastia, may struggle with their self-esteem because their breasts are larger than normal. Regardless of how gynecomastia manifests itself, whether as a small lump under one or both nipples, or as larger-than-normal breasts, it can be […]

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