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What is Recovery from Facelift Surgery Like?

Many people, even with a strict and dedicated aesthetic treatment plan, cannot slow the signs of aging and keep a youthful look to their face. While regular in-office aesthetic options can help, surgical intervention might be the best option to quickly achieve your desired look. Along with other surgical options, such as lip augmentation, facelift […]

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Three Misconceptions in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

New technologies are introduced every year to optimize outcomes in cosmetic surgery. An improved version of an injectable may be approved or a less invasive technique may be adopted in a certain type of facial cosmetic surgery. Despite the advancements and soaring popularity of facial cosmetic procedures, misconceptions still exist. We address the three most […]

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The Aging Neck and What You Can Do About It

The abundance of facial cosmetic products and procedures is proof that the face takes center stage in cosmetic rejuvenation. However, many tend to overlook the signs of an aging neck such as the appearance of the so-called turkey wattle, unsightly bands, and sagging jowls. At our practice, we encourage patients not to take their necks […]

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