Three Misconceptions in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic SurgeryNew technologies are introduced every year to optimize outcomes in cosmetic surgery. An improved version of an injectable may be approved or a less invasive technique may be adopted in a certain type of facial cosmetic surgery.

Despite the advancements and soaring popularity of facial cosmetic procedures, misconceptions still exist. We address the three most common misconceptions below!

  1. Facial cosmetic surgery is only for the vain and insecure.
    This misconception may have to do with how the media portrays celebrities who decide to have cosmetic surgery. Generally, our patients do not want to emulate celebrities but rather improve their appearance or restore facial features that have disappeared with advancing age. A brow lift is an excellent example. Many patients seek the procedure because they are often perceived as angry or upset by others when they aren’t.
  2. Facial cosmetic surgery outcomes will look unnatural.
    It is true that some facial cosmetic surgery outcomes can appear less than natural. Choosing a highly experienced surgeon who will perform the surgery through a customized approach is an important step toward achieving natural-looking outcomes.
  3. Facial cosmetic surgery is expensive.
    Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery is only for the wealthy and the elite. As mentioned earlier, advancements in technology have made it possible for both surgical and non-surgical treatments to be more accessible and less costly.

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