For Sagging Eyelids, Blepharoplasty May Be For You

fair-skinned-blond-SmallIf you are unhappy with your appearance or are having vision problems because of your eyelids, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) may be the best option for you. This outpatient procedure can be done on the upper and lower eyelids, or both, to effectively rejuvenate the area around the eyes, making them look younger and more alert. If you experience any of the following, blepharoplasty may be an option:

    • Bags under the eyes
    • Excess skin and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids
    • Extra skin that creates folds on the upper eyelid, sometimes impairing vision
    • Drooping lower eyelids that show the white below the iris (colored part of the eye)

The benefits of blepharoplasty are many:
Bye, Bye Bags
Even if you get plenty of sleep each night, bags underneath your eyes can make you look tired. Eyelid surgery removes these bags my getting rid of excess skin and tissue under the eye. And if you combine blepharoplasty with a cosmetic treatment like a facial or peel, there is a good chance of also eliminating dark circles below your eyes.
Reducing Fine Lines
As well as getting rid of excess skin, blepharoplasty has the added benefit of helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the corners and lower lids of the eyes. This isn’t the main goal of eyelid surgery, but it can certainly be an added bonus for your appearance.
Improving Line of Vision
If your vision is obscured by sagging eyelid skin, blepharoplasty can be a tremendous benefit. By removing the excess skin and tissue on your eyelids, or raising droopy eyebrows, your line of sight is greatly improved. You may even experience less discomfort in your forehead because you won’t have to constantly raise your brow to see better.
A Refreshed, Rejuvenated Appearance
Eyelid surgery is one of the leading procedures for making you look more alert and awake, thus refreshing your overall appearance. Because blepharoplasty improves the shape and appearance of your eyes, the results you experience can be dramatic. And your new-found look can help improve your self-confidence tremendously.
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