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What Are a Brow and Forehead Lift?

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, loose skin, and more are all signs of aging that brow and forehead lifts can help with. Brow and forehead lifts are often completed as part of a full facelift but can also be used to just target the brows and forehead. You may be familiar with facelifts, but brow […]

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Shape Your Brows With Botox

A safe and effective aesthetic treatment method, BOTOX has been around for many years. Since its inception, additional research and studies have proven it as a treatment for several medical conditions in the face and jawline, most frequently used to shape the browline. BOTOX is an FDA-approved neurotoxin that safely and effectively blocks the nerve […]

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Defy Natural Aging with a Brow/Forehead Lift

When facial features look tired and constricted due to natural aging signs, a brow/forehead lift can open it up for a well-rested, refreshed debut. Facial skin laxity and wrinkles are due to the natural degradation of elastic collagen. The force of gravity inevitably pulls the forehead and facial skin downward, leading to a distressed or […]

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Are Your Brows Lying About Your Age?

As we age, tissues across our bodies sag, lose elasticity, slacken, and generally become quite annoying. It’s inevitable, but we all like to look as young and healthy as we can. That’s why when the skin and support tissues of our forehead and brow area descend, it can be depressing. This works to make us […]

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A Brow Lift Gets “The Nod” For 2016

It’s true, we live in a culture that celebrates youth. But sometimes feeling young doesn’t equate to looking young. Accordingly, men and women, alike, are turning to cosmetic procedures to help them maintain a youthful, fresh appearance for as long as possible – with their appearance reflecting the way they feel inside. Aging, cumulative sun […]

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When to Think About Having a Brow Lift

When one would ask about examples of facial rejuvenation procedures in a small group, everyone will most likely mention a face lift, an eyelid lift, and injectables. A brow lift is least likely to be mentioned. Despite being less popular, did you know that a brow lift is equally effective in improving the appearance of […]

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