3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Brow Lift Surgery

brow liftYour face can say a lot about you without you ever speaking a word. Sometimes that can be a positive thing, and other times it can be something that causes people undue stress and self-confidence issues. If that’s something that you feel that you’ve been dealing with, then brow lift surgery could be precisely what you need to rejuvenate your face and bring back its youthful shine.

Brow lift surgery is a simple process wherein the skin of your forehead is “lifted,” thereby making your forehead and eyebrows appear more elastic and youthful. If you feel like any of the following apply to you, then brow lift surgery may be the right decision.

You Have Unwanted Eyebrow Sagging

As time goes by and people begin to age, the skin naturally begins to lose its elasticity (its ability to conform and stick tight to the body). One of the first places this can start to affect is the eyebrows. As you age, you may notice that the arches of your eyebrows aren’t as strong and full as they used to be. But thanks to brow lift surgery, that can be remedied!

You Have Unwanted Forehead Wrinkles

Along with that, eyebrow sagging will likely come with more pronounced forehead wrinkles—as well as those that form between the eyebrows. These wrinkles often appear earlier in life when making certain facial expressions such as those laughing, smiling, or furrowing your brow. However, aging can cause those wrinkles to appear consistently unless addressed through brow lift surgery.

You Have Unwanted Eyelid Sagging

Though often not the most noticeable or problematic form of sagging, the eyelids can also begin to hold themselves lower than they once did. If this becomes too severe, it can require medical attention, as excessively sagging eyelids can hinder your vision and lead to other visual issues. However, for aesthetic cases, eyelid sagging can also be addressed by a simple brow lift surgery.

Expert Brow Lift Surgery From UMASS Memorial Medical Group

Don’t let the wrinkles that come naturally with age get you down. Instead, give the fantastic team of cosmetic surgeons at UMASS Memorial Medical Group a call at 508-334-5990. Serving both Worcester and Cape Cod, MA—as well as the surrounding areas—your facial rejuvenation is just a call away.

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