Defy Natural Aging with a Brow/Forehead Lift

Woman with beautiful eyebrows close-upWhen facial features look tired and constricted due to natural aging signs, a brow/forehead lift can open it up for a well-rested, refreshed debut. Facial skin laxity and wrinkles are due to the natural degradation of elastic collagen. The force of gravity inevitably pulls the forehead and facial skin downward, leading to a distressed or angry-like look.

Open Your Eyes Up and Smooth Your Forehead

A brow/forehead is designed to minimize frown lines constricting the eyebrows for a more pleasant and open look. Deep horizontal forehead creases are smoothed from the bridge of the nose and across the forehead.

Preferred Eyebrow Features

Positioning of the eyebrows differs between men and women. This masculine/feminine distinction determines the preferred setting of the eyebrows.

  • An asymmetric arc coming to a peak over the eye socket is typically a woman’s ideal eyebrow
  • A man’s preferred eyebrow positioning is made in a similar asymmetric arc without a feminized look

Brow/Forehead Lift Procedure Basics

This outpatient procedure is performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation for your relaxation and comfort. There are two preferred brow/forehead lift methods.

Coronal brow lift entails:

  • An incision is made across the top of the head, ear to ear
  • The forehead skin is tightened along with tissue underneath
  • A strip of skin is removed for maximum forehead area lifting

Endoscopic brow lift entails:

  • Several short incisions are made along the hairline
  • The forehead area is tightened in targeted areas
  • A small fiber-optic medical instrument – an endoscope – is inserted into the incisions to provide a view of the muscles and connective tissues

In each of these methods, permanent sutures are inserted under the skin to lift and secure the shape of the brow/forehead. Dissolvable sutures, clips, or surgical adhesives are used to close external brow incisions. To drain fluids out of the incisions, a small, temporary tube is inserted.

Open Up a Youthful and Fresh Face to World

Schedule your brow/forehead consultation at UMass Memorial by calling 508-334-5990. We are happy to discuss the procedure in more detail based on your desired results. Eyelid lift surgery is also commonly combined with a brow/forehead lift to correct sagging upper eyelids and conspicuous undereye bags.

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