Feel the Love With a Neck Lift

 nice long hairdo optimistic lady without clothes hand neck closed eyesAn aging neck can be the first sign of losing your youthful look. The platysma muscle covering the neck and jaw naturally loosens with age, giving the dreaded turkey neck appearance. This is when the neck skin hangs down and sways. Regardless of how bad a turkey neck looks – the feeling of this loose and drooping skin can make you physically uncomfortable.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

The neck lift is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries to restore a youthful look.

A neck lift offers:

  • Less fat under the chin
  • Reduced sagging and loose skin around the neck
  • A strong chin and jawline
  • More youthful appearance overall

Neck Lift Procedure Basics

Liposuction surgery is performed under either long-acting local or general anesthesia. Your doctor will decide which option is best for you based on the extent of your surgery.

The basics of neck lift surgery:

  • A long-acting local anesthetic is injected to keep you comfortable post-procedure
  • When fat is present in the neck, liposuction is used to sculpt it for the desired look
  • With the use of an endoscope, small incisions are made underneath the chin to create neck definition
  • Platysma is re-adjusted with sutures with the purpose of correcting the aging neck banding
  • Neck muscles are reinforced to improve, long-lasting definition
  • Tunneling from one ear – across the jawbone – and behind the opposite ear is performed with the endoscope
  • Corset stitching is performed delicately to keep the neck tight
  • Incisions are skillfully closed

Neck Lift Post-Procedure

The surgical area will be compressed with a bandage to increase comfort post-surgery.

Important post-procedure tips include:

  • Drink plenty of water and juices
  • Keep head elevated, using pillows under back when lying down
  • Do not flex your neck
  • Do not twist your neck
  • Use ice packs to decrease inflammation, bruising
  • Sleep on your back to decrease tension on the neck surgery area

Reach Out and Discuss Your Neck’s Appearance

To decide whether or not you should have a neck lift, schedule a consultation at UMass Memorial by calling 508-334-5990. We are happy to discuss the procedure and your desired results. Also, check out our facelift procedures in conjunction with a neck lift.

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