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Lose the Sagging Eyes

Sagging isn’t really appreciated much anywhere. Not on a soufflé, and certainly not on your eyelids. But due to the thin skin on your eyelids and around your eyes (some of the thinnest on the entire human body), the eyelids and surrounding skin sag. And that can make you look years older. But you don’t […]

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Blepharoplasty: What is it?

Gravity tends to take over as we get older: everything starts to slowly move down. We aren’t the type to fight all signs of aging, but we do like to age gracefully. And sometimes aging gracefully involves taking care of ourselves and keeping our spirits up. When it comes to our eyes, we don’t want […]

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The Eye Lift – AKA Blepharoplasty

Drooping is not good – not for flowers, or asparagus, or shoulders. And as you age, droopy eyelids can be especially telling, making you look older and even impairing your vision. Eyelid surgery, also known as an Eye Lift, or, technically, a blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular anti-aging cosmetic procedures. It is performed […]

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