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Feel the Love With a Neck Lift

An aging neck can be the first sign of losing your youthful look. The platysma muscle covering the neck and jaw naturally loosens with age, giving the dreaded turkey neck appearance. This is when the neck skin hangs down and sways. Regardless of how bad a turkey neck looks – the feeling of this loose and drooping […]

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Tighter Necks after Thanksgiving

A loose giggly neck? The first thing that comes to mind, especially since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, is a turkey. Well, we may be into January of 2022, but if you’re thinking of a loose, giggly neck it’s probably not the turkey. It’s your neck, and this time of year you spend much of the […]

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The neck lift 101

Everyone dreads the signs of aging that can occur with time on the skin and body. One area of the face that can become problematic for both men and women as they age is that of sagging and loss of definition in the chin and jaw area. This can result in the formation of jowls […]

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Forgotten Parts of The Face: The Neck

When it comes to the time spent on beauty, the face must surely get two or three times more attention than other parts of the body. With good reason, too, because our faces and necks are more visible and harder to disguise than other parts of our bodies. But then why is it that we […]

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Neck lift Worcester, MA

Do You Have Neck Banding?

When most people think about cosmetic procedures to look younger, facial treatments come to mind. Botox®, dermal fillers, face lifts and similar treatments will take years off of your appearance, but you should also pay attention to your neck. The neck area and jowls tend to develop the earliest signs of aging, and many people overlook […]

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It’s time to love your neck

“I Feel Bad About My Neck” is the name of a bestselling book in which the author, among other things, dealt humorously with the loose, crepe-y neck skin she found to be an unfortunate part of her aging process. You might be noticing something like that about your own neck. But if, like many of […]

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