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beautiful young woman pointing finger to her ear

Repairing Your Earlobe

In Worcester, you see all kinds of earrings; they’re a popular fashion accessory for the face. Big hoops, heavy danglers, even gauges — they all are saying something about the wearer’s style. Unfortunately, your earlobes didn’t get to vote on your choices for ear adornment. As a result, they can be torn, stretched, or otherwise […]

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Blonde in underwear and a red jacket show black bra

Smaller Breasts for 2022

In the current trend toward more and more women opting to have breast augmentation, it may seem odd for a woman with large natural breasts to want to have them reduced. But the truth is, overly large natural breasts can be a literal and figurative burden. It’s like taking a hike up Mt. Washington in […]

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A woman has skincare on her neck.

Tighter Necks after Thanksgiving

A loose giggly neck? The first thing that comes to mind, especially since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, is a turkey. Well, we may be into January of 2022, but if you’re thinking of a loose, giggly neck it’s probably not the turkey. It’s your neck, and this time of year you spend much of the […]

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