Women are Happy with their Breast Augmentation Surgery

sexy young woman model in sexy dressBreast augmentation is a popular procedure with our UMass Memorial patients. And Worcester women aren’t outliers there — augmentation has been the first or second most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S. for the last 14 years. The yearly number of American women having this surgery is around 300,000.

At UMass Memorial, we like our patients to have all the information possible about any potential procedure. To that end, for this toast first blog of the New Year let’s share some statistics about breast augmentation.

#1 Extremely high satisfaction rates

Women who have had breast augmentation are routinely surveyed in the months and years afterwards. They report incredibly high rates of satisfaction. A survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 98 percent of women felt their augmentation either met or exceeded their expectations. Over 90 percent of the women also said they felt the procedure increased their self-esteem.

#2 Easy recovery

Breast augmentation surgery does not involve a difficult recovery. Most women can return to work after just a few days of recovery. The pain is not acute and is often related to being similar to the feeling after a rigorous upper body workout.

#3 Implants are proven to be safe

Before any implants were initially approved the FDA studied them extensively. Later, in the 80s, when there was some concern about silicone and safety, even more rigorous research was done, and it didn’t find any link between health issues and silicone breast implants. Plus, modern silicone gel is now very cohesive, meaning it usually adheres to itself and doesn’t leak out into the breast pocket if the implant ruptures.

#4 Duration

Implant durability is continuing to improve. Although most implants will need to be replaced at least once in a patient’s life, there is no specific timeline. Manufacturers guarantee their implants for at least 10 years, and many patients have implants that can last double that time. Plus, replacing implants is not difficult as our surgeons can simply enter through the same original incisions to remove the old implants and place the new ones.

#5 Variety of options

There are a variety of implants available from different manufacturers. These vary by the type, size, shape, and the projection. This allows patients to choose an option that fits their goals, rather than adapting to a one-size-fits-all approach. At UMass Memorial, we have different tools to allow patients to get a very realistic idea of what the different sizes and projection profiles will look like on your figure.

If you’re interested in augmenting your breasts, please call the team at UMass Memorial, (508) 334-5990, to schedule your consultation.

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