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Facial Fillers – Are They Effective?

Our faces are an important part of our daily interactions with others. Our expressions, our eye cues, our overall appearance all play a part in the impressions people make of us. Unfortunately, a dull, wrinkled face does not make the best impression. Aging is the biggest reason why the face takes on a duller appearance. […]

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Breast Lift Surgery — Is it Risky?

Breasts usually lose their firmness and shape, and tend to drop with age. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity all take their toll on the breasts. The result is saggy breasts that bear little resemblance to their younger days. A breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the breasts to a more youthful appearance. The breast […]

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Does Lip Augmentation Improve Facial Appearance?

The lips play an important role in our facial appearance. However, due to aging and exposure to the sun, lips can become thin and wrinkles can start appearing in the facial areas surrounding them. Lip augmentation is a simple procedure that can rectify most typical issues with the lips, restoring their natural beauty and youthfulness. […]

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