Liposuction — How Long Does it Take for the Results to Show?

Obesity has become a big health issue in the United States, as people have become more sedentary and have opted for unhealthy diets. Combining exercise with a healthy diet can take off much of the weight, if the person is dedicated. But there are areas on the body that hold onto the fat, no matter how much exercise a person does.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excessive fat to reshape the body, making it look fit and healthy.


At UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer liposuction treatment from our experienced team of surgeons. We start with a thorough checkup to see you are healthy enough for liposuction. Then your surgeon will carefully look at your body shape to target the areas where the fat needs to be removed. Every care is taken during the procedure to ensure that there are no future complications and the results of the surgery are in line with your expectations.

The duration of the procedure depends on the amount of fat that needs to be removed, but it usually lasts between two to three hours. Initial recovery time is usually a day or two, with an overnight hospital stay immediately after the procedure. Precautions need to be taken for about a month for full recovery.

The results of liposuction are never visible immediately and start to become apparent once the swelling subsides and the body heals from surgery. Normally, the results become visible after a month or so though, but it may take around two months to fully appreciate the results.

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