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Reasons Why You Should Consider Otoplasty

We are all born with ears that come in different shapes, sizes, and appearances. Sometimes this can mean being born with protruding ears, drooping earlobes or other deformities that can make you feel not so confident. Fortunately, ear surgery can help reshape your ears. Otoplasty can give you the ears you’ve always wanted and boost […]

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Don’t Hide Your Ears Any Longer – Otoplasty Can Help

Traditionally known as a surgery to correct protruding ears of children, otoplasty has been growing in popularity with adults to correct many cosmetic issues. This surgery is designed to flatten the outer ears. Otoplasty also aesthetically improves the position, proportion, and shape of the ear. Otoplasty Benefits The surgeons at UMass only use sophisticated technology […]

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Repairing Your Earlobe

In Worcester, you see all kinds of earrings; they’re a popular fashion accessory for the face. Big hoops, heavy danglers, even gauges — they all are saying something about the wearer’s style. Unfortunately, your earlobes didn’t get to vote on your choices for ear adornment. As a result, they can be torn, stretched, or otherwise […]

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Otoplasty for the Ears You’re Hiding

There are so many things we can develop self-conscious tendencies towards. We may not love our curly hair, the color of our eyes, or how our nose looks. But, that’s not all. Many people find that their ears protrude further than they would like, or the don’t like the shape of their ears. If you […]

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Otoplasty for Children and Adults

Facial harmony is the goal of many aesthetic procedures. This approach considers the position and proportion of your nose, chin, ears, and other features. An attractive appearance is one in which all features work together to create a pleasing look. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is tailored to the patient to improve the size, shape, […]

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How to Prepare for An Otoplasty

Usually done on children, an otoplasty is an ear surgery that can also be performed on adults. If you have ears that protrude a bit further from your head than normal and you feel self-conscious about it, then you may want to consider this surgery. By “pinning” back your ears, an otoplasty can permanently correct […]

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Listen Closely…We Have The 411 On Otoplasty

Reality is forever altered for Dumbo when he realizes that his huge ears allow him to fly…but even though approximately 5% of the population is affected and they are mostly a cosmetic issue, congenitally prominent ears in an adult or child can have severe emotional and behavioral effects. Prominent ears are seen in many forms, […]

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