Reasons Why You Should Consider Otoplasty

ear surgeryWe are all born with ears that come in different shapes, sizes, and appearances. Sometimes this can mean being born with protruding ears, drooping earlobes or other deformities that can make you feel not so confident. Fortunately, ear surgery can help reshape your ears. Otoplasty can give you the ears you’ve always wanted and boost your confidence. 

What Can Otoplasty Help With?

Many people look to otoplasty to help them reposition or resize their ears. This can help improve your facial appearance and help increase confidence. This procedure allows you to flatten ears that stick out and change them into a more natural shape that you desire. Reducing the appearance of prominent ears can help reduce your social anxiety.

Otoplasty provides permanent results and the procedure only takes one to two hours. Once the operation is over and the bandages are removed, you’ll be able to enjoy the results for the rest of your life with no further check ups or touch ups required.


If you’ve been in an accident or compete in competitive sports such as boxing or wrestling, otoplasty may be right for you. A bumpy hard outer texture that can be found on the ear, known as cauliflower ear, can be treated and repaired in otoplasty. Otoplasty will not only restore the appearance, but it can also fully restore the function of the ear if the situation is detected early enough.

Hearing Difficulties

The outer portion of the ear helps gather sound waves and funnel them to the inner ear. Severe deformities or issues from birth can make it difficult to hear to your fullest ability. Otoplasty can help correct these deformities and return your hearing to normal again.

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Otoplasty can help you feel more confident as well as hear better. At UMASS Memorial Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA, we want to help you feel confident. With some of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the country, you can take comfort in our prestige and ability to make sure you receive nothing less than the best.

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