Otoplasty for Children and Adults

Ear Surgery Worcester, MAFacial harmony is the goal of many aesthetic procedures. This approach considers the position and proportion of your nose, chin, ears, and other features. An attractive appearance is one in which all features work together to create a pleasing look. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is tailored to the patient to improve the size, shape, and position of one or both ears.

The Importance of Ear Shape, Size, and Position

When one feature, such as the ears, is not aligned with the other features, people’s eyes are naturally drawn to the irregular feature. For children, this can lead to teasing and other problems, and for adults, problems with the ears may lower self-esteem and confidence.

The Basics of Otoplasty

The surgical plan for ear surgery varies by patient. Some of the issues that can be remedied with otoplasty are:

  • Asymmetry between the ears and ear lobes
  • Ears that stand away from the head too far
  • Ears that are too small or large compared to the head and other features
  • Abnormally shaped ears that may be related to a birth defect

Ear Surgery for Children

A child’s ears may appear abnormal at birth, but the issues tend to resolve naturally as the cartilage develops and hardens. If your child is at least four years old and the issues have not resolved with time, ear surgery may be a viable option. You can wait until your child is in the pre-teen years, but many parents choose to have otoplasty sooner to alleviate any self-esteem problems and teasing that may occur.

Ear Surgery for Adults

Adults can have their ears corrected at any time. We often work with older patients who have noticed changes in their ears that are related to aging.

Does Otoplasty Help with Hearing?

Cosmetic ear surgery does not help with hearing. Any problems that you or your child experience with hearing are related to the internal structures of the ears that are not modified during a cosmetic ear surgery procedure.

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