Is Body Contouring Right For You?

Body Contouring Worcester, MABody contouring is a great way to eliminate stubborn fat. This type of fat is resistant to normal methods, such as cutting calories and increasing your work out levels. Our board-certified plastic surgeons offer body contouring procedures for the most common problem areas.

How to Tone Your Abdomen

A sexy midsection is one that has good muscle tone and little to no fat. Unfortunately, the abdominal area is prone to storing extra fat, and the muscles may become lax with pregnancy and aging. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, eliminates the fat and may also be recommended for tightening the abdominal muscles. Tummy tucks are categorized as:

  • Full tummy tuck for men and women who have fat above and below the bellybutton. A full tummy tuck may include tightening the abdominal muscles and repositioning the navel.
  • Mini tummy tuck for patients with fat only in the area below the bellybutton. This technique is not recommended for patients who need any type of muscular tightening.

Rounding Our Your Derrière

Another area that is a common concern for men and women is the buttocks. As with the abdominal area, the buttocks and upper thighs may develop excess fat. A concern that is unique to the area, though, is sagging skin, especially in the thigh area. You can tone up your backside and give your thighs a shapelier appearance with a buttock and thigh lift. If you are considering butt augmentation, we recommend that you be evaluated by one of board-certified plastic surgeons first. You may be able to achieve the look that you want with a simple lift procedure.

Refining Your Results

Liposuction has evolved into an excellent option for toning the body. The technique helps with:

  • Removing small pockets of fat that do not require surgery
  • Sculpting remaining fat to mimic muscle contours
  • Refining the results of surgical procedures

If you are considering liposuction alone for body contouring, it is important that you have enough elasticity in your skin. Removing fat via liposuction in areas with lax skin may cause sagging.

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