Do You Have Neck Banding?

Neck lift Worcester, MAWhen most people think about cosmetic procedures to look younger, facial treatments come to mind. Botox®, dermal fillers, face lifts and similar treatments will take years off of your appearance, but you should also pay attention to your neck. The neck area and jowls tend to develop the earliest signs of aging, and many people overlook the area when considering plastic surgery. One of the most common problems that develop is neck banding that can be remedied with a neck lift.

What is Neck Banding?

“Neck banding” is a phrase that is used to describe vertical lines that are caused by changes in the platysma muscles of the neck. The muscles start in the upper chest and extend to the shoulders, covering the front and sides of your neck. Platysma muscles are unique in that they are not connected to the bones by ligaments. Aging and weight loss causes the muscles to move to the front of the neck and shorten. You can check for neck banding by clenching your teeth and looking for vertical lines on your neck.

How Can Neck Banding Be Corrected?

The platysma muscles can be tightened during a neck lift procedure. By pulling the muscles towards the ears and holding them in place with sutures, your surgeon can smooth out the neck area.

What Does a Neck Lift Correct?

In addition to the changes to the platysma muscles, a neck lift addresses loose skin and excess fat. Some fat may be transferred to areas of the neck that need more volume.

What Should I Expect from a Neck Lift?

You will have some downtime after your neck lift procedure. We recommend that you rest at home for at least two weeks. The neck area will feel tight for the first month, and you may have some bruising and swelling. Full healing can take up to three months.

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