Children and Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery

Children and Plastic or Reconstructive SurgeryA somewhat controversial topic, depending on the procedure, is whether or not it’s ok for children to undergo plastic surgery. Of course there are many situations in which it’s acceptable for a child to undergo plastic surgery to correct a deformity or damage. It goes without saying that these procedures are done for medical and physical reconstruction as opposed to cosmetic reasons. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Cleft Palates and/or Lips. Two of the most common physical birth defects, the cleft lip and the cleft palate, can severely hinder eating, breathing and speaking, not to mention the way they affect the way a child may feel about how he looks. Plastic surgery is the only way to repair these conditions, and the results are life-changing.
  • Otoplasty. A common surgery among children is otoplasty, the surgical repair or repositioning of the ear. Many children don’t like the way their ears look, or may have been born with microtia, where the outside of the ear is under-formed. These children may be bullied by other children who can be cruel without meaning to be. In these cases, otoplasty may be recommended for the child’s emotional well being.
  • Accident Reconstruction. Children are accident prone, and their little bodies can’t take a lot of trauma without some physical scarring. If a child is involved in a car accident, is bitten by a dog, or is seriously wounded by another means, reconstructive plastic surgery can repair the damage.
  • Cosmetic Procedures. Sometimes, for some children or teens, plastic surgery may be emotionally necessary. The removal of a prominent mole or of a birthmark may be appropriate in many circumstances.

The availability of pediatric plastic surgery can be a huge blessing for some children. We would be happy to discuss your questions or concerns about these procedures, and invite you to give us a call to schedule a consultation appointment: (508) 334-5990.

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