More About Ideal Implants

doctor choosing mammary prosthesis with her patientAt UMass Memorial Medical Group, first and foremost, we want our patients to be comfortable with the decisions they are making about their bodies and potential cosmetic surgery. As discussed in December’s third blog, some patients have mixed feelings about silicone breast implants because they can rupture without the woman knowing, a phenomenon known as “silent rupture.” In most cases, they will only know after the recommended MRI (recommended after the first three years, and then every two years over the lifespan of the silicone implants).

The Ideal Implant presents an alternative. We discussed the basics of this implant option that was first approved by the FDA in 2014. For a little more detailed look at this option for implants which is unknown to many of our patients, let’s get into some statistics for the final UMass Memorial blog of 2021.

Here are some statistics patients could find relevant when comparing Ideal Implants with silicone options.

Risk of Capsular Contracture

  • Allergan — 16.2%
  • Mentor — 10.9%
  • Sientra — 11.2%
  • Ideal Implants — 6.6%

Risk of Rupture

  • Allergan — 7.4%
  • Mentor — 13.6%
  • Sientra — 7.2%
  • Ideal Implants — 2.1%

MRI Recommendations

  • Allergan — 3 years, and then every 2 years for life of implants
  • Mentor — 3 years, and then every 2 years for life of implants
  • Sientra — 3 years, and then every 2 years for life of implants
  • Ideal Implants — None

Material Absorbed?

  • Allergan — No (sticks to tissue in breast pocket)
  • Mentor — No (sticks to tissue in breast pocket)
  • Sientra — No (sticks to tissue in breast pocket)
  • Ideal Implants — Yes, body simply absorbs the saline water

Feel of Implant

  • Allergan — Natural
  • Mentor — Natural
  • Sientra — Natural
  • Ideal Implants — Natural

The drawback to saline implants has always been the feel — they have never felt the same as natural breast tissue. That has changed with the Ideal Implant, thanks to its innovative design.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation with the experienced, talented group of plastic surgeons at UMass Memorial Medical Group, be sure to include the Ideal Implant in your research. Then when you’re ready, give us a call at (508) 334-5990 to set up a consultation.

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