Surgical vs. Non-surgical Neck Lifts

Our necks provide the framework for a defined and prominent jawline. However, the skin on our necks can sag, become loose, and develop wrinkles over time. That’s why cosmetic procedures like neck lifts have been slowly growing more traction and popularity. However, the difference between a surgical and a non-surgical neck lift can become confusing at times. Let’s delve into the difference between surgical and non-surgical neck lifts, so you can know what’s right for you.

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

A non-surgical neck lift takes many different forms. However, they all have one thing in common, and that’s tightening the skin. This is often done by inducing collagen production. Collagen is a key component of our skin that regulates how tight and healthy it is. However, we lose collagen as we age and from sun damage. This leads to loose skin. Non-surgical procedures stimulate the skin through lasers, small wounds, or other methods.

This kicks in the body’s natural healing response and stimulates collagen production. This makes the skin tighter and appears younger. That being said, the effects of a non-surgical neck lift are not dramatic. It is often a small improvement and takes many sessions and continued treatment.

Surgical Neck Lift

Surgical neck lifts are the surgical removal of loose skin. They produce dramatic results compared to non-surgical neck lifts. Local anesthesia is applied, incisions are made, and then the skin is removed and stretched. Then sutures are applied so the skin can close and heal. The effects of a surgical neck lift are permanent and do not require any maintenance appointments. While a neck lift certainly stimulates collagen production while healing, it does not rely on it to produce results.

Which to Choose?

Ultimately, the choice is dependent on your needs. If you’re not comfortable with surgery and are only looking for basic results, then non-surgical options should suffice. However, if you want more prominent results that are permanent, then a surgical neck lift is for you. Our team at UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center provides surgical neck lifts to breathe new life into your skin. Our staff ensures your treatments are as comfortable and effective as possible. Trust experience and expertise at UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center. Contact our office today at 508-334-5990.

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