Rejuvenate Your Facial Features with UMass Preferred Fillers

Woman beautiful face healthy skin care natural beautyFacial fillers are the cosmetic answer to reducing the early signs of aging. Injectable facial fillers restore facial fulness, refine natural contours of the face, and smooth out creases and fine lines. The Cosmetic Surgery Center at UMass Memorial Health recommends FDA-approved Radiesse or Restylane injectable facial fillers.

UMass Preferred Facial Fillers

Restoring a more youthful facial profile is the goal of using fillers.

Popular injectables, Radiesse and Restylane, are preferred fillers to reduce the early signs of aging due to a loss of facial fullness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial fillers are designed to:

  • Plump and define thin lips
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften facial creases
  • Smooth facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hide the appearance of scars

Radiesse is an injectable filler used to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production to plump and smooth the face. This filler is favored for wrinkles and folds around the mouth, nose, and even the back of hands where volume has disappeared.

Restylane is comprised of a specialized line of hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers designed to smooth wrinkles around the mouth as well as plumping lips, nasolabial folds, and cheeks. The connective tissue of the skin is supported by naturally produced hyaluronic acid.

Facial Filler Procedure Basics

A local anesthetic is administered to you before the outpatient facial filler procedure. A topical numbing agent and icing are also used for treatment comfort in sensitive areas of the face.

  • Strategically targeted points of concern on your face are marked to guide filler injections
  • Injection sites are cleansed with an antibacterial agent
  • Only a few injections are required for most sites
  • Filling deep creases, wrinkles, and recessed scars requires multiple injections

You will likely be able to return to work and your normal activities the day after surgery.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Facial Profile with Radiesse or Restylane Facial Fillers

Schedule your facial filler consultation at UMass Memorial by calling 508-334-5990. We are happy to discuss the procedure in more detail based on your desired results. Lipo transfer – the harvesting and injection of your own refined fat – is another option as a facial filler.

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