How to Decide Which Facial Filler is Right for You?

Pretty smiling woman with clean skin in white fluffy sweaterAging can affect nearly every part of our bodies. In most areas, these effects can be covered or hidden with clothing. When aging affects our faces, however, there can be a negative impact on our confidence and self-image.

Thankfully, many treatment options, both at home and in an office setting, can help slow and sometimes reverse the signs of aging in your face. While a good skincare regime is essential to keeping healthy and radiant skin, these do very little to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles or adding volume to sunken areas.

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective way to achieve a tighter, more toned, and younger look to your face and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. Given how many dermal fillers there are on the market, it is essential to know each type is meant to address a specific issue. However, since many treatments can be combined, dermal fillers are a great way to improve your face.

Perhaps the most well-known dermal injection, BOTOX®, is not a filler in a traditional sense. BOTOX® works by temporarily blocking the facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. While this does help smooth lines and wrinkles, BOTOX® adds little to no volume.

Dermal fillers, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, use molecules your body naturally created to add volume and smooth lines and wrinkles from the inside. Although these fillers can help jumpstart your body’s natural production of these molecules, the results are temporary, and treatments must be repeated to keep the same look.

For a more permanent option, doctors can inject fat harvested from other places on your body into specific areas on your face. This is especially useful when more volume is needed to achieve the desired look. Fat transfer surgery like this also has the benefit of removing stubborn body fat from other areas of your body.

There are many options for dermal fillers. The experienced team of doctors and aestheticians at UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center in Worcester, MA, can work with you and develop the perfect treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals. Call the office at 508-334-5990 or visit to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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