3 Types of Breast Lift Techniques You Should Know About

breast liftThe body is a temple, as many people like to say. And as such, it should be healthy and well-kept and one that you are confident living in daily. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors outside of your control that can leave your body in a state that is less than your ideal. This can be especially true when it comes to breasts. From the process of aging to simple genetics, there are countless reasons why you may want to seek out breast lift surgery to renew the look and balance of your breasts.

As with any surgical procedure, it’s good to know a bit about what the process looks like. So, here are three of the most common breast lift techniques used in breast lift surgery:

Scarless Lift Breast Lifts

The first breast lift technique to talk about is the crescent lift technique. This technique involves the creation of an incision right above the areola that will serve to remove a crescent-shaped section of skin from the area. Once that is done, the site is sutured back together, and the breast will be “lifted.”

Scarless Lift Breast Lifts

The scarless breast lift technique, as you can assume by its name, is the least invasive form of breast lift surgery and is only typically used for minor cases of breast sagging. By using the smallest size and number of incisions, scarring can be dramatically reduced. Likewise, this technique forgoes the traditional breast lift methodology by implementing the use of breast implants or liposuction (on an as-needed basis).

Anchor Incision Breast Lifts

Lastly, there is the anchor incision breast lift technique, which is used for more severe cases of breast sagging. As the most invasive of the methods, it creates various incisions around various sections of the breast to ensure all sagging areas are holistically and adequately addressed.

Effective and Lasting Breast Lifts From UMASS Memorial Medical Group

So, if your breasts haven’t been cooperating or looking how you’d like them to lately, consider reaching out to UMASS Memorial Medical Group today at 508-334-5990. With top-rated surgeons in Worcester and Cape Cod, MA, your breast lift surgery could be closer than you think.

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