What a Tummy Tuck Could Do for You

Woman shows her weight loss. Isolated on white backgroundIn the unending quest of keeping your body fit and feeling good, you may find that the stomach is sometimes a difficult place to deal with. It can be one of the first places excess fat decides to reside, or it can simply become bloated from a day of delicious food. But more so than that, the stomach is also subject to sagging—just as the rest of the body is. That’s why tummy tucks have become a go-to option for those looking for some extra help keeping their stomachs trim.

Here are three of the most prominent reasons individuals such as yourself may want to consider a tummy tuck:

Undo Sagging Skin Post-Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful, fulfilling, and enlightening experience, but that doesn’t mean that it is without its own unique set of hardships. Though there can be many, one such hardship is the lasting effects it can have on your body, especially around your stomach. Once the birth is all said and done, you may find that your stomach has some excess skin. Though you’ll need to wait about six months post-birth to ensure your skin has had time to heal naturally, a tummy tuck could be the ideal solution once that time has elapsed.

Reverse the Signs of Aging

As time moves on and people begin to age, skin can start to sag in places we’re not quite happy with. Predominantly, this is most noticeable around the head and arms, but it can also affect the stomach area in some cases. If that’s the case for you, then a tummy tuck may be the perfect solution for undoing those bothersome effects of aging.

Reduce Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Exercise is a fundamental part of keeping yourself happy and healthy. However, significant drops in weight—especially those from heavier weights—can leave stomach skin saggy and less elastic than it once was. Thankfully, tummy tucks are an ideal solution for this can of excess skin reduction!

Keep Your Tummy Trim With UMASS Memorial Medical Group

No matter the reason that you’re interested in receiving a tummy tuck, you should reach out to the fantastic team of surgeons over at UMASS Memorial Medical Group. With facilities in both Worcester and Cape Cod, MA, your slim, trim stomach could be just a call away at 508-334-5990.

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