When to Think About Having a Brow Lift

iStock_000011324244SmallWhen one would ask about examples of facial rejuvenation procedures in a small group, everyone will most likely mention a face lift, an eyelid lift, and injectables. A brow lift is least likely to be mentioned. Despite being less popular, did you know that a brow lift is equally effective in improving the appearance of the upper third of the face? You may force a smile or conceal the appearance of crow’s feet but you can never camouflage creases, lines, and sagging skin in your forehead. Thus, a brow lift surgical plan should be in order!

What issues are addressed in a brow lift procedure?

Generally, a brow lift has been proven to significantly reduce the appearance of the following:

  • deep horizontal creases along the forehead
  • moderate to severe frown lines
  • very low or sagging brows resulting to the perpetually tired, upset, or grumpy appearance
  • excess skin or fat just above the eyes

After your brow lift procedure, you can expect to have a youthful and a more rested appearance not just in the upper third of the face but rather your overall facial features.

Adjunctive Procedures with Your Brow Lift

One of the advantages of a brow lift is you can opt for adjunctive procedures to achieve desired outcomes. You can choose to have it done with an eyelid lift to address puffiness around the eye area or a face lift if you also have problems in the middle and lower thirds of the face such as nasolabial folds and jowls.

Every so often, many would assume that a face lift procedure will correct all kinds of facial aging issues. However, when it comes to addressing issues in the forehead area, a brow lift is actually more effective in providing dramatic improvements.

As there are several brow lift techniques out there, it may be best if you get in touch with us for a personal consultation so we can help you figure out the right surgical approach in rejuvenating your forehead and brows.

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