CosMedix Rescues Your Skin This Spring, As Featured on Wake Up with Al on TV

CosmedixFor a good number of women, the arrival of spring means that the war against static hair, brittle nails, and dry skin is about to begin. The good news is that there are products that can help prevent such beauty disasters. In fact, dietician Sharon Richter talked about it in a recent segment of Wake Up with Al on The Weather Channel. One of UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center’s bestsellers– the CosMedix Rescue+ Intense Balm & Mask — made it in one of her recommendations of products that really gets the job done in getting spring’s au naturel look.

At our practice, we encourage clients to ditch the heavy, emollient creams of winter in favor of the CosMedix Rescue+ Intense Balm & Mask. As a staple in your beauty arsenal this time of the year, the lightweight texture and antioxidant-rich formula of CosMedix will certainly bring your dull winter skin back to life just in time for the early flowers of spring to fully bloom!

Miss Richter specifically endorsed the CosMedix Rescue+ Intense Balm & Mask because it contains lycopene, an ingredient found in grapefruit, which helps to protect the skin and give it a fresh look after the harsh winter weather.

Why CosMedix Products Are Different

The UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center favor CosMedix products than other skin care products in the market today because of the following unique properties: 

  • Better Botanical Ingredients– All CosMedix Products are made of natural and cruelty- free ingredients.
  • Smarter Exfoliation– As opposed to traditional exfoliation techniques that involve a good deal of irritation, Cosmedix Skin Care utilizes smart & effective techniques to deliver fast, uniform, and thorough skin exfoliation minus the abrasive effects.
  • Skin Matrix Support – CosMedix Products do more than just exfoliate. It also feeds & nourish the skin with antioxidants that create the building blocks for skin repair and regeneration.
  • Chirality – A purification process on a molecular level that allows for an ingredient’s optimum potency without the irritating harsh side effects. 

Chirality Simplified

CosMedix products utilize the chirally corrected form of Retinol which helps the skin absorb an ingredient’s exfoliating benefits without the negative effects of irritation. Although chemically two forms of retinol may be identical, their shapes are different which in turn means that they react with the skin differently. Like a key in a lock, only the chirally-correct form of an ingredient can interact with the appropriate cell receptor and trigger the right cellular response — newly rejuvenated skin minus the soreness and redness of highly irritated skin.

Call us 508.334.5990 today to learn more about CosMedix and similar high-quality skin care products that will help spring clean your beauty routine!

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