What is Facial Balance?

facial plastic surgery Worcester, MAWhen you meet with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, the subject of facial balance may be a topic of discussion. But what exactly is a facial balance, and why is it important in facial plastic surgery? We’ve put together some basic information to help you understand this approach to aesthetic surgeries.

The Importance of Facial Balance

“Facial balance” is a term that is used to describe how well your features work in harmony to create an appearance that is pleasing to the human eye. When we see something that is pleasing to our eyes, we are drawn to it, and this is the basis of human attraction. Therefore, facial balance is an approach that aims to enhance our good features while minimizing any aspects, or flaws, which distract the eye. Areas of the face that most contribute to facial balance are the chin, cheeks, eyes, lips, nose and jaw line.

Do I Have Facial Balance?

Determining your facial balance is difficult because you are likely to focus on the aspects that you do not like, such as wrinkles, nose size, and ear position. A board-certified plastic surgeon is trained in methods for evaluating the overall characteristics of your face and exactly which areas need improvement. Many patients are surprised to learn that the cosmetic procedure they believe to be necessary is not the best option for improving facial balance. For example, a person who feels the nose is too large may need a chin implant or cheek enhancement to accentuate contours in other areas.

Improving Facial Balance

When you meet with a plastic surgeon, be open and honest about what aspects of your appearance make you feel less attractive. Using this approach versus one in which you have a specific facial surgery in mind ensures that your plastic surgeon can make the recommendations that will make you extremely happy with the results. It can also help you avoid an unnecessary surgeries in the future should you realize that you did choose the right surgery.

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