Common Myths About “Man Boobs”

Male Breast Reduction Worcester, MAAn ideal male physique has long been the subject of some of the world’s greatest artwork, from ancient sculptures and paintings to subjects of pop art. A man’s body is considered attractive if it is toned and masculine, and any deviations from this definition are considered flaws. The board-certified plastic surgeons of UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center offer body contouring procedures to help men address aesthetic concerns that they have with their bodies. Even as society becomes more accepting of men who have cosmetic procedures, “man boobs” continues to be a taboo subject. Here are a few common myths about enlarged male breasts that often keep men from seeking the guidance of a plastic surgeon.

Myth 1: “Man Boobs” are Rare

Like women, men go to great lengths to find clothing that enhances the way that their bodies look. Because of this, you might be surprised how many of the men that you know have enlarged breasts. Some statistics show that half of the men may have “man boobs” to some degree, and the problem is much higher in older men.

Myth 2: Enlarged Male Breasts are a Sign of Poor Health and Fitness

Enlarged breasts on a man are not necessarily an indication of his health and fitness. In younger adult men, the most common cause of “man boobs” is the medical condition “gynecomastia” that describes excess breast tissue. For older patients, sagging breasts in a man are caused by lost elasticity in the skin of the breasts, just as drooping breasts in a woman are caused by age-related changes in her skin. Due to the nature of the problem, diet and exercise will not help with “man boobs.”

Myth #3: “Man Boobs” are a Fact of Life

If you have “man boobs,” you do have options for achieving a masculine chest profile. Male breast reduction by a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin, breast tissue, and fat to contour your chest area. The surgery is tailored to your physique so that the results look completely natural and in balance with your body style. The surgery does produce some scarring, but the scars are well-hidden and almost imperceptible after about one year.

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