Rhinoplasty Is An Inside Job

Rhinoplasty Worcester, MAIf you know someone who has had rhinoplasty, you have seen how even the most subtle change makes a significant difference. People who make cosmetic changes to their noses breathe easier, both from an emotional and physical standpoint. The aesthetic benefits of rhinoplasty help a person feel more at ease and confident, and it shows. What you cannot see, though, is how much better the nasal passage functions. This aspect of rhinoplasty means fewer bouts of congestion, better sleep, less snoring and even higher energy levels because of the improved intake of air through the nose.

How Your Nose Works

The nose is one of the most complex structures on the human body. It is designed to help us breathe and deliver nerve signals to the brain so that we can smell cookies baking, choose our favorite perfume and detect odors that we simply do not wish to experience. The shape and size of your nose are largely determined by a combination of bone and cartilage. Soft tissues of the nose lend to the tip and nostrils. In a perfectly functioning nose, the air enters the nostrils and travels along passages to the sinuses. Unfortunately, nature is not always perfect, and accidents do happen.

The Link Between Function and Appearance

Many cosmetic concerns that are addressed with rhinoplasty indicate that the bone, cartilage and soft tissues of the nose are abnormal, either through natural design or trauma. Having a crooked nose or a bump could indicate that you have an anatomical obstruction that interferes with optimum breathing. If your nostrils are too small, you may not be able to draw in enough air, and you could get out of breath easily. Even the orientation and size of your nose tip influences how air enters the nose. A plastic surgeon helps you understand the cosmetic benefits of rhinoplasty, as well as how the surgery may help your breathing and sinus function.

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