Are You Noticing These Signs Of Aging? If So, A Face Lift May Be In Your Future!

Face Lift Wanting to look as good as you feel is a worthy goal, and today’s aging is not your grandmother’s aging. Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures continue to grow in popularity every year. They are safe, easy and many require little downtime.

If you are concerned that you look older than you feel, you may be noticing some or all of the following five changes to your face:

  1. A less defined chin and sagging neck
  2. Deep wrinkles in your neck and face
  3. A loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity
  4. Jowls and deep creases around your nose and mouth
  5. Appearing tired

The good news is that these signs of aging can be treated with a face lift – a popular surgical procedure that tightens facial skin from the eyes to the neck, lifting it into a younger-looking position.

While methods and names of procedures can vary, your treatment plan will most likely include one of these two types of face lifts:

  • The Standard Face Lift. A standard or full face lift is recommended if all of the above-mentioned changes are present, including obvious sagging and noticeable jowls. A standard face lift most aggressively addresses these changes by removing excess skin, tightening the connective tissues and muscles in your face and neck, and lifting and repositioning your skin. The incisions are hidden in the contour of your ear, around your earlobe, and in your hairline. A small incision under your chin may be included if excess fatty tissue needs to be removed and if the muscle in your neck requires additional smoothing.
  • The Mini Face Lift. If your main concern is a mild loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity along with a tired appearance, a mini face lift may be the appropriate procedure for you. This procedure tightens and lifts your skin but there is limited, if any, work on your neck or musculature. The mini face lift is intended to address minimal signs of aging. Because the incisions are smaller, this technique usually has a shorter recovery period. A mini face lift is ideally suited for younger patients with minimal skin sagging.

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