How to Use Injectables Without Looking Overdone

InjectablesThe use of injectables is dominating non-surgical procedures in the aesthetic industry. Botox use rose by six percent from 2013 to 2014, while dermal filler injections rose three percent. The popularity of injectables can be mainly attributed to their quick results and non-invasive nature. Plus, they’re less costly than cosmetic surgery.

Looking overdone with Botox or facial fillers is a common concern. Each injectable is highly effective for a specific concern associated with aging but it’s also necessary to avoid overuse, which can result in unnatural looking results. Below are three easy steps to preventing overuse the next time you schedule an injection of Botox or facial fillers:

Find an experienced, reliable, trustworthy provider.
Any health care professional can provide Botox or filler injections. However, it pays to find an injector with specific experience in cosmetic injectables. These injectors have an extensive understanding of facial anatomy and appropriate injection points. Plus, having performed these injections, they have an eye for attaining natural looking results.

Be honest with yourself.
It pays to have realistic expectations of the injectable and the desired outcomes. Injectables will not create a new version of you but rather will enhance your existing features.

Get all the information you need before making a decision.
Do not rush into getting Botox or filler injections. If you’re in doubt, ask questions. At the UMass Memorial Medical Group Cosmetic Surgery Center, there is no such thing as a bad question. We encourage clients to come up with a list of questions before coming in for a personal consultation.

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