Reshape your sagging breasts

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, is a popular cosmetic procedure that firms, raises and reshapes sagging breasts. It is one of the many procedures offered at the Cosmetic Surgery Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center to improve your natural contours while honoring your unique characteristics.

Reshape your sagging breastsMany women choose to have breast lift surgery at the same time they get breast implants, to enhance the firmness as well as the size and shape of the breast. Others, who are not concerned with size but lack of volume, have the procedure done alone.

Because breast lift surgery is more extensive than breast augmentation (implants) alone, it can leave more noticeable scars. The surgeon uses the skin above the nipple to reshape the breast from below. The goal is higher and firmer breasts. The results can be quite remarkable.

If you are considering the surgery for yourself, be sure to do your research. It is important that the physician you choose is a board-certified plastic surgeon you trust and who makes you feel most comfortable. It is best to have any surgery done at a medical center like UMass Memorial where you will find a trained staff of anesthesiologists, nurses and support team.

Three reasons to choose UMass Memorial

1) Our skilled surgeons provide great results.
The Cosmetic Surgery Center team at UMass Memorial Medical Center includes highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons. UMass Memorial Medical Center is the teaching hospital of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where all of our plastic surgeons are members of our medical school faculty.

2) We are available around the clock.
At least one of our surgeons or surgical residents is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We do not think you should have to wait to talk to a doctor about your surgery. Close communication before and after surgery ensures that you have the best possible experience.

Every member of our cosmetic surgery team is a “patient educator.” Our physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants and patient care coordinators support you every step of the way and make sure all of your questions are answered.

3) We are part of the largest health care system in central and western Massachusetts. After performing hundreds of breast enhancement procedures, we know that patients are most confident when they know what to expect and know it is the best. The Cosmetic Surgery Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center is part of the largest health care system in central and western Massachusetts and is the clinical partner of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

UMass Memorial Medical Center is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, which upholds the highest standards in patient safety. We attract top-notch cosmetic surgery professionals who thrive on excellence and are at the forefront of research and education.

Are you a good candidate for a breast lift?

If you are over the age of 18, have drooping breasts, are not pregnant or nursing a baby, and are in good physical health, you may be a candidate for the surgery. Think carefully before making your decision. Ultimately, the best candidates for breast lift surgery have realistic expectations, a strong sense of self and a thorough understanding of the procedure.

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