Skin Care Products: Prescription-strength Beauty

With so many skin care products available over the counter or in a beauty spa, is there any reason to visit a cosmetic surgery center for your skin care? Actually, there are several reasons to seek out expert advice and top quality products. Here’s a look at the benefits of entrusting your skin care to the professionals at the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

One Skin Care Line Does Fit All
In addition to being widely recognized as experts in surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, face lifts and body contouring, the caregivers at the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center also offer skin care procedures and products to help patients minimize the signs of aging and retain a youthful appearance. We offer skin care lines, such as Environ, that are not available over the counter. The vitamin A and C products in this line can be custom formulated to suit each patient’s skin (including those with rosacea or acne). Having a customized skin care program cuts down on reactions like skin irritation and makes the product more user-friendly. Environ has a support line our physicians can call with any questions about helping a patient achieve their desired results. This collaboration between physician and manufacturer means patients receive the benefit of medical knowledge and years of experience in designing their skin care program.

You Can Pick and Choose
When you use Environ products, you can buy the full line or just select what you like best. These products won’t interact negatively with over-the-counter products. If there are some OTC items you love and that work well for your skin, you don’t have to switch. In fact, we encourage you to purchase inexpensive products like a daily SPF lotion to use in conjunction with the Environ system for total skin care that’s both affordable and effective.

Quality Control is Key
Prescription-grade skin products are made with pure ingredients and a consistent formula. Environ has its own production facility and maintains full control over quality, preventing degradation of the product and loss of efficacy. In addition, this manufacturer’s products are tested by independent laboratories for quality-assurance purposes. Most skin cleansers, toners, and creams you’ll find on the market do not meet these rigorous standards.

Steady Improvement in Skin Tone and Texture
One of the best things about having a professional consultation and using high quality products is that you know what to expect. There are no extravagant claims about miracle creams or wrinkle erasers to set you up for disappointment while draining your bank account. Instead, you understand the science behind each product and how it actually works.

For example, as you get older it takes longer for your outer layers of skin cells to exfoliate and be replaced by new cells. This is why your skin tends to look dull as you age. Vitamin A and C work together to stimulate turnover, revealing a healthy layer of skin. With consistent use over a period of 6 months, you can expect to see skin that is more:

  • smoothly textured
  • evenly pigmented
  • fresh, hydrated, and lustrous

What’s our advice? Stop paying for marketing hype and start investing in quality skin care products that deliver results as advertised.

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