Hear from Shawn about her breast lift

During my pregnancy I gained more than 75 pounds. After giving birth to my daughter and losing most of the weight, I also lost my positive body image due mainly to my “deflated” breasts.

I went to Dr. Douglas Rothkopf of the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center not knowing anything about breast lifts or even my own willingness to get plastic surgery.

From the moment I walked into the center I felt comfortable and relaxed. Everything was explained to me in great detail and every choice was mine to consider on my own timetable.

Words can’t express how happy I am with my breast lift. It’s given me a confidence about my body that I’ve never had.

I remember while the nurse was taking my “after” photos she assured me she wouldn’t be taking pictures of my face. I told her I was aware of that. She replied, “Then why are you smiling so much?” The truth is I just couldn’t stop.

Two years later I’m still thrilled with Dr. Rothkopf’s work and still happy with the follow-up care I receive from the entire office staff!

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