Hear from Jamie about her Panneculectomy

Without a doubt or reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Akyurek for cosmetic surgery. I had a panneculectomy done, and I had very realistic expectations for my surgery. I knew the procedure only removes the skin, and was not at all expecting such an AMAZING transformation. I am truly impressed with the job that was done. He was so precise and thorough. I had not ever dreamed that my stomach could look this great. It has truly increased all qualities of my life. From the first time I saw myself after bandages and binder were removed, to now looking in the mirror, I am shocked and in awe at the true artistry that Dr. Akyurek worked on me.

From the moment, I walked into the office for my first appointment, to the day of surgery and after, my experience has been unbelievably easy and positive. The staff and nurses are outstanding and professional. I feel like I have had the best care possible and nothing could have gone better. This by far is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I have lost over 115 pounds myself, and have had 3 children. My body didn’t look like “mine” anymore. I just didn’t have a bounce back to what I use to look like. It was difficult finding pants or any bottoms for that matter to tuck my tummy into. And became extremely difficult to exercise in or even feel comfortable in my own skin. I was constantly having to check myself in mirrors. I was sick of the hygiene routine of powders, and ointments. My surgery instantly changed my life. I cannot thank Dr. Akyurek enough. I feel amazing and I look amazing too.

Jamie B.

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