Why is plastic surgery at UMass Memorial in Worcester, MA for you?

Dr. Raymond Dunn of the Cosmetic Surgery Center answers your questions.

If you want to learn how plastic surgery can make a difference in the way you look and feel, the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center and our renowned, board-certified plastic surgeons provide the perfect environment for exploration.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Raymond Dunn, chief, plastic surgery, UMass Memorial, you’ll discover why thousands of people in the Central New England region have trusted the Cosmetic Surgery Center for the most advanced and safe cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

Tell us about your team of physicians.

Dr. Dunn: Our cosmetic surgery team includes seven of the most experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in the region, offering our patients more than 100 years of collective expertise. We perform more than 2,000 cosmetic and reconstructive procedures annually and have helped thousands of people look and feel better about themselves.

What types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures do you offer?

Dr. Dunn: Our patients share the desire to improve their appearance in some way. Some want to look younger, while others seek mommy makeovers. Many hope to improve body firmness, form and function or wish for a renewed feeling of confidence. Our procedures include:

What should I look for in choosing a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Dunn: The most important question to ask when seeking the right plastic surgeon is: “Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?”

Unfortunately, many board-certified surgeons can join organizations for a minimal fee and become a member of a cosmetic surgery board or a member of the board of an academy of plastic surgery. This offers them a title, but does not provide them with the proper training nor does it give them the experience needed to perform plastic surgery safely and effectively. This can be very confusing and misleading to people.

It’s important to know the difference between a board-certified surgeon and a board-certified plastic surgeon.

In addition, you should select a board-certified plastic surgeon who is affiliated with a medical center, where there is a team of anesthesiologists and other medical professionals available to provide an integrated medical experience.

You’ll want to visit their center to make sure it is clean and safe, and provides a confidential, nurturing and caring environment. By visiting the center, you’ll be able to see firsthand how the staff treats visitors and interacts with patients. Ask for a tour of procedure rooms to ensure they are clean and professionally equipped. And during the tour, ask staff members questions to get a better sense of their philosophy of patient care.

How much do cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures cost, and do you offer financing programs?

Dr. Dunn: Many patients take advantage of our financing program. Our staff works with you to find the right financing plan to meet your needs, whether you’re exploring Botox, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction or any one of our other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

What else makes the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center the regional leader?

Dr. Dunn: As the largest cosmetic surgery center in Central Massachusetts, we offer:

·     A comprehensive range of procedures

·     Experienced surgeons and medical professionals

·     The highest quality and safe patient care performed in a fully accredited operating room facility

In addition, each member of our surgical team offers a specialty and we refer patients to one another every day. This means that you receive care from experts in their field who help you achieve your desired results.

While our center meets strict safety and quality regulations to ensure the highest standard of care, we also provide a technologically advanced medical facility complemented by a warm, friendly environment that offers the personal touch. You’ll feel comfortable and cared for from your first consultation to your follow-up visit.

Our entire team, from staff at the welcome desk to those in the recovery room, is focused on offering you customized cosmetic surgery care and service.

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Dunn or receiving more information is simple.

Call 508-334-5990 or email us at cosmeticsurgery@umassmemorial.org.  Our staff looks forward to speaking with you soon.