Are Results From Lip Augmentation Permanent?

peach color of lipstick on large lips.As we age, our ability to create collagen and maintain the elasticity of our skin decreases. Over time, this can lead to sagging skin, sunken areas, or loss of volume. One area of the face that can show a dramatic change is your lips. As the growth of collagen decreases, your lips can start to become flattened and lose definition.

Even with a strict aesthetic care plan, it might take an in-office treatment option to help meet your aesthetic goals and bring back and keep the plump, defined lips you want. Of the several options available on the market, injectable acids, dermal fillers, and lip implants are the three most commonly selected options to augment the shape and size of lips.

Perhaps the easiest of the three, injectables such as those that use hyaluronic acid, use a molecule that is naturally produced by your body to draw in water from nearby tissue. By injecting the hyaluronic acid in key places, this added water adds volume from inside your lips. While the sessions can be done in the office with little downtime, the results are temporary and fade over time.

Dermal fillers, such as collagen injections, last noticeably longer than hyaluronic acid. They also use a compound naturally produced by the body to enhance the shape and size of your lips. Collagen injections require a bit longer recovery to allow enhancements to maintain a natural appearance.

The most permanent option for lip augmentation is using silicone implants that are placed below the skin of the lips. Lip implants of this are generally done under anesthesia and require a somewhat more lengthy recovery, not unlike other surgical procedures. However, since the results are nearly permanent, the recovery might be worth it.

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