Don’t Be Scared of a Peel

During this scary time of year, there is a lot to be afraid of. Saw and Friday the 13th Marathons on AMC, wondering if you have purchased enough candy for the hordes of little ghouls and goblins traipsing about Worcester (so you don’t run out OR get left with extra bags that you’ll then eat!), even another Patriots’ season without Tom Brady!

But you need not be scared of a chemical peel. While we don’t perform chemical peels at UMass Memorial, we sell various glycolic peels as part of our CosMedix skincare product line for our patients.

Here’s some more about glycolic peels.

What is a glycolic peel?

In any chemical peel, the idea is to apply a peeling agent — in this case glycolic acid — to the skin for a prescribed period of time. The peeling agent loosens some of the bonds in the skin, and the body then sloughs off these old, dead, damaged skin cells.

In a glycolic peel, the peeling agent is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid comes from natural sources: sugar cane, unripe grapes, and sugar beets. It is a mild, yet very effective, peeling agent.

The strength can vary with the peel, but a common mixture is a non-buffered 50% concentration (0.9 pH), medical strength glycolic acid that quickly, gently, and microscopically exfoliates the skin.

What skin issues do glycolic peels improve?

These peels are gentle but very effective for eliminating or improving these skin problems:

·      Uneven skin tone

·      Mottled pigmentation

·      Fine lines and wrinkles

·      Acne scarring

·      Acne

·      Blackheads

·      Melasma

·      Sun spots

How does my skin benefit from a glycolic peel?

In addition to exfoliating your skin and improving the skin problems listed above, a series of glycolic peels will totally transform the appearance, tone, and texture of your skin. They give your skin a nice glow and new vibrancy. This is the younger skin showing through now that the dead surface skin cells have been shed. Plus, after these CosMedix peels, the skincare products you use at home will be able to better penetrate the skin, making them more effective.

Interested in forcing a little extra exfoliation for your facial skin? Come see us at UMass Memorial and our Nurse Practitioner can walk you through our available CosMedix peels and which options would be best for your skin. Call us at (508) 334-5990 to make an appointment.

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