How Long Do I Need To Wait Between Botox® Treatment?

Beautiful Girl Caressing Facial Skin Posing On Grey Background.Of all dermal fillers and injectable treatments available to enhance your face’s aesthetics, none are as well-known as BOTOX®. For decades, BOTOX® has been safely and effectively used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and moderate skin creases on the face.

Using a special formulation of botulinum toxin, BOTOX® injections work by temporarily blocking the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles in the face from contracting. Although there is not a lot of improvement with any lost volume or sunken areas of the face, BOTOX® can still provide a substantial improvement to your appearance.

Although BOTOX® treatments are very effective, the results are not permanent, and repeat treatments are needed to keep the same appearance. Since these treatments can be completed in less than 30 minutes and require no downtime or recovery, they can be scheduled without impacting your everyday life.

As your body metabolizes the botulinum toxin, your muscles will slowly be able to regain function. In general, to see the best and longest-lasting results from BOTOX®, treatments should be scheduled around six months apart. This allows a good balance between any risks of having too much botulinum toxin injected at once and allowing for the longest-lasting results.

Many patients, however, begin to see results that last beyond six months. As the muscles are prevented from contracting for that time, they slowly lose their strength and, in some cases, begin to atrophy. While it is very rare that permanent results will be achieved, this allows the treatments to be spread out longer and for less BOTOX® to be needed with each treatment.

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