Reversing Signs of Aging With a Facelift

The signs of aging may come in the form of sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and a noticeable loss of facial definition. Many individuals who see signs of aging on their skin wish to do what they can to slow them down. If you are looking to do the same thing, looking into a facelift is in your best interests. How will the aforementioned procedure benefit your aging skin? Here is what you should know.

Facelifts Remove Excess Skin

For many people, the most unpleasant sign of skin aging is undoubtedly sagging. Sagging near the neck and chin is especially regarded as unpleasant because it leads to the emergence of the so-called turkey neck. Once that type of sagging is visible, plenty of people do what they can to address it effectively.

Getting a facelift is one way for people to address this area of concern. Since a facelift is designed to tighten skin and even remove excess portions of it, turkey neck should cease to be a problem for people who undergo the procedure.

Facelifts Restore the Contours of Your Skin

Aside from removing the excess skin from your face and neck, facelifts can also restore its contours. Bringing back the contours of your skin is an important anti-aging procedure because it targets specific issues, such as deep wrinkles and a lack of facial definition. You can expect to regain your youthful look after getting that procedure.

Facelifts can achieve those results by removing your excess skin and fat. They also restore your facial definition by working on your tissues.

Facelifts Provide Lasting Results

It is hard to say that any procedure can reverse the signs of aging if its effects are only temporary. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about that if you are getting a facelift. This procedure’s effects are permanent and also become evident after your first appointment with the surgeon. This surgery will not stop the aging process altogether but will help you maintain your youthful appearance longer.

Schedule a Facelift Appointment With UMass Memorial Plastic Surgery

Reversing common signs of aging is possible with the help of UMASS Memorial Medical Group. Our team has extensive experience helping individuals achieve the best possible results through facelift surgery and other surgical and non-surgical procedures. To see how our team can help you achieve your goals, schedule a consultation by calling our Worcester, MA, office at 508-334-5990.

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