What To Expect from Lip Augmentation

Outdoor fashion photo of beautiful young woman surrounded by flowersAlong with other injectable dermal fillers that add volume to specific areas on your face, lip augmentation is a safe and effective way to create fuller lips that are more proportionate to your face. Lip augmentation may also reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

If you are someone who feels you have thin lips or would like to have more plump and full lips, lip augmentation may be a great option. However, as with any cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, it is important to know what to expect from the procedure and the result after.

As dramatic and great results lip augmentation can provide, the procedure is very easy and nearly non-invasive. The actual treatments take just a few minutes per site. In most cases, the procedure can be performed using just a topical anesthetic cream. However, most doctors also use local anesthesia to reduce discomfort or pain.

Although lip augmentation has been long proven safe, with minimal side effects or serious risks, there are still a few possible complications from the procedure. These include visible lumps, minor swelling, and increased sensitivity. Although rare, more serious complications can appear. However, they are almost all temporary and easily treated if needed.

The results of lip augmentation are meant to be long-lasting. However, like many other non-invasive aesthetic procedures, the results are not permanent. If the procedure is not repeated, your lips will likely return to their original size and shape.

In some cases, as the augmentation material breaks down, visible lumps or clumping may appear. This is easily resolved with the same procedure restoring your lips’ plump and fuller look.

Although you will need additional treatments to keep the same voluminous look of your lips, lip augmentation is worthy of consideration to help you reach your aesthetic goals. The knowledgeable and experienced team of doctors and staff at UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center can answer all your questions and help create an aesthetic treatment plan customized to your goals.

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