Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Chemical peelsChemical peels are a cosmetic procedure that uses a chemical solution to peel off the top skin layers showing signs of damage. This is beneficial for people experiencing skin damage symptoms like wrinkles, age spots, lack of elasticity, or rough and uneven skin texture.

Chemical peels offer your skin a way to get medical-grade exfoliation while promoting collagen production and blood flow.

Are Chemical Peels Safe? 

Chemical peels are a safe procedure when performed by a medical professional licensed to perform the treatment.

With chemical peels, you are working with powerful chemical solutions, so the professional handling these materials must be qualified to do so.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels offer many benefits, including:

Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines

Chemical peels can address the appearance of fine lines by exfoliating the top layers of your skin. These layers typically are the most damaged.

Reduce Acne Scarring

With multiple treatments, acne scarring can be vastly reduced through chemical peels. By exfoliating damaged top layers, refreshed layers lying underneath are exposed to present a more refined look.

Enhance Skin Tone and Texture

By getting a chemical peel, you are calling your body to action by making it heal with the new skin layers. These new layers provide a fresh surface with a more even skin tone and smooth texture.

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