Are You Considering A Face Lift? If so, Read On.

A face lift is a common and popular procedure not only here in Massachusetts but throughout the country. Technically called a rhytidectomy, a face lift can correct mid-face sagging, lower face jowls and deep creases near the mouth and eyes. Because your face is one of the first areas to become affected by gravity, your neck and facial skin begin to sag. A face lift can also counter years of the sun’s collective UV damage. The good news is that drooping folds are lifted, wrinkles are smoothed and time takes a step back.

Face LiftWith a face lift procedure, it’s possible to discover the key to a more youthful you in about three hours, with medication and anesthesia designed for your specific needs.

  • Patients who consult with our surgeons about a face lift procedure are interested in achieving results that will make them look years younger. Depending on each patient’s unique situation, our surgeons may advise a combination of procedures to achieve the most enhancing results.
  • A face lift can tighten the skin of your cheeks, forehead and around your eyes. A neck lift paired with a face lift, addresses the areas of your neck that may be sagging as well.
  • The goal of our surgeons is always to provide you the correction you desire, with as natural a result as possible.
  • Our surgeons will inquire about your general health and any medications you may currently be taking.
  • It is important that you discuss your goals and expectations with our surgeons.
  • Complications from a face lift procedure are rare but no surgical procedure is completely risk free.

During your consultation, our surgeons will review any possible complications.

  • Recovery varies with each patient. You may be able to go home after a few hours; some patients stay overnight.

Having more candles on your birthday cake does not equate with feeling older, and with the new awareness of healthy lifestyles, you may find that the healthiest and best time of your life is ahead of you.

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