Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding

Breast AugmentationAre you contemplating breast augmentation surgery? If you are a young woman of child-bearing age, you may be wondering what breast augmentation means if you decide to breast feed your baby?

Women with breast implants are able to nurse, however, it depends on how the augmentation was performed – specifically the type of incisions and where they were made.

  • If the incisions were made under the breast or through the axilla, problems with breast feeding should be minimal, as the implants were inserted without damaging milk ducts or nerves.
  • If the incisions were made on or around the areola, there is a chance that the milk ducts and nerves may have been severed, limiting the ability for the milk to reach the nipples.

Potential Breastfeeding Challenges

One of the most common challenges is not being able to produce enough milk to nourish the baby. Breast size does not determine if a woman is capable of nursing – even women with very small breasts are able to nurse successfully.

Nipple sensitivity is a normal side effect of breast feeding. However, after having breast augmentation, this problem may be more pronounced. This is especially true for women who have had their implants placed via incisions made around the areola. It is critical that you tell your surgeon you wish to breast feed in the future.

Engorgement is a common problem for many new nursing mothers. However, for women who have had breast implants, breast milk production may be more of an issue and breast engorgement more severe.

Is There a Risk to the Baby?

Some women are so concerned about potential side effects to their baby that they don’t nurse at all. This fear is usually rooted in what is inside breast implants, specifically silicone. However, studies have shown that it there is no silicone in breast milk of woman who have had a breast augmentation.

  • Every woman is unique, so it is important to express your concerns to your surgeon prior to deciding upon breast augmentation.
  • Breast feeding can be a joyous but also stressful time for new mothers. Even without breast augmentation, many women will have issues with breast feeding and there are a variety of factors that come into play.

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